The Performance Of Malleable Iron Casting And Its Application

Malleable iron casting is made from white stock that iron liquid of definite chemical composition poured ,than repass anneal . It has higher strength , plasticity and impact toughness , can instead of parts carbon steel.

Compared with gray iron casting , malleable iron casting has higher strength , plasticity , in especial , better low temperature impacting property . Its abrasion performance and shock resistance are better than ordinary carbon steel . This kind of iron casting alternate name ductile iron casting and malleable hard iron because of its plasticity and toughness.

malleable iron castingMalleable iron casting can be divided into three types , black heart malleable iron casting , white heart malleable iron casting and pearlite malleable iron casting.

Black heart malleable iron casting is used for impact resistant parts or anti – shock devices and parts of torsion load ,and it is usually used to produce vehicle rear bridge , spring bracket , low pressure valve , pipe joint , etc.

Pearlite malleable iron casting normally is used to cast wear parts of power machine and agriculture machine . Automotive camshaft produced by it has been made internationally.

White heart malleable iron casting is used less than others because of the malleablize annealing time too long.

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