The necessity of saving energy and reducing consumption of China casting

At present, the price of water, electricity, natural gas and other energy has been greatly increased. As a self-made parts factory with large energy consumption, the profit space of the enterprise is rapidly shrinking with the increase of energy cost. In the face of the severe situation, how to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises and how to increase the income of enterprises and employees? One way out is to save energy and reduce consumption. This paper discusses the methods and measures of saving energy and reducing consumption in foundry.

For a long time, China’s foundry industry has low starting point, unreasonable structure, extensive production mode, and advanced equipment, especially the key equipment for smelting cupola with high cost, high energy consumption and high pollution. In China’s foundry production, the investment of energy and materials accounts for about 55% – 70% of its output value. It is a major energy consumer in the mechanical industry. Its energy consumption accounts for 23% – 62% of the total energy consumption in the mechanical industry, and the energy utilization rate is 15% – 25%. China needs 2-3 times more energy per ton of castings than developed countries. The energy consumption per ton of qualified iron castings produced in China is 500-700kg standard coal, accounting for 15% of the production cost, while that in Japan is only 4.3%. The energy consumption per ton of qualified steel castings produced in China is 800-1000kg standard coal, while that in foreign countries is only 500-800kg standard coal. This situation poses a great threat to the sustainable development of China’s economy. In the face of the requirements of building a conservation oriented society and the situation of sharp energy shortage put forward by the state, especially the current continuous energy price rise has intensified the cost pressure of the foundry. If the foundry can’t save energy and reduce consumption, it can’t survive in the increasingly fierce market competition, let alone develop and expand. At the same time, the level of energy consumption belongs to the core competitiveness of an enterprise, which reflects the innovation ability and advanced degree of an enterprise’s process and products. Therefore, it is very important to save energy and reduce consumption in foundry. Foundry should take energy saving and consumption reduction as an important starting point, adjust the economic structure, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency, and realize technology consumption reduction has become the main breakthrough force of energy saving and consumption reduction in foundry industry.

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