The procedure of lost foam casting process

In this technology, is a stock made from foamed polystyrene (EPS). Foaming of the polystyrene out not only to patrons of confidentiality gurations needed to do but also to achieve the required density. Using appropriate glues are tied together patterns to solid assembly, composed of some patterns with gating system. The assembly is smooth pattern coated with a layer of ceramic material. Double Assembly are shaped and compacted by vibrations models. When the mold is poured a liquid metal, the latter acting on the pattern and makes it evaporate. The key issue in this process to determine the pattern properties during evaporation when the mold is being poured to the metal. Prevailing view that in the process of castings made from lost foam patterns, there are two main determining factors about the success of this technology, namely:

– The symptoms of evaporation patterns,

– The process of filling the mold with liquid metal fi.

The technology of evaporative patterns used in the production of castings from various materials, especially from aluminum alloy. Castings are made in mass production or as individual pieces in different weight ranges from several grams up to several dozen tons. For example, the following projections are made:

– automotive parts (brake lever transmission, heads, pistons)

– Parts of machines (electric motor bodies),

– cast parts used in sports games (golf clubs), – Projections for Geotechnics (drill tips).

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