The promotion of China’s automobile industry to the foundry industry

Foundry industry is the main supplier of mechanical equipment products, and the two are closely related. It is the development of machinery industry in recent years that has brought strong casting demand, directly promoted the rapid growth of casting output, and also promoted the progress of China’s casting industry in professional production, product quality, technical level and organization management. As a large consumer of castings, automobile plays a particularly prominent role in promoting the development of China’s casting industry.

The automobile industry has a strong ability to drive other industries. The development of the automobile industry will certainly promote the development of metallurgy, energy, materials, chemical industry, machinery, electronics and other industries, promote the construction of roads and cities, and the prosperity of tertiary industries such as finance, insurance, trade, transportation and information. According to statistics, one in every seven jobs in Germany is related to the automobile industry. The role of the automobile industry in promoting consumption, expanding employment, improving people’s living standards and driving economic development is obvious.

The 63rd World Foundry conference was held in Hungary in 1898. The report of the conference pointed out that the largest buyer of castings in the world is the automobile manufacturing industry. The United States is the country with the highest casting output in the world, and its largest user of castings is its automobile manufacturing industry.

At present, the per capita ownership of automobiles in China is not high, but China’s automobile manufacturing industry is increasingly becoming the main user of castings in China. Due to the development of China’s automobile industry, the demand for automobile castings has increased greatly. Looking back on the development of China’s automobile industry, we can see that China’s automobile output exceeded 100000 in 1892, 20000 in 2000, 30000 in 2002, 40000 in 2003 and 50000 in 2004. Automobile is an important user of castings. At present, the automobile industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. In recent years, China’s automobile industry has entered a stage of rapid growth, which will greatly drive the development of the casting industry.

While vigorously developing cargo trucks, China encourages private car purchase, banks issue private car purchase credit, and vehicle taxes are also being reformed. With the increase of roads and the development of cities to outer suburbs and health cities, the demand for cars is rising sharply. According to the survey data, the growth rate of China’s automobile sales was 70% in 2002 and 32% in 2003. Authorities pointed out that in the next few years, the sales volume of China’s car market will still maintain a double-digit growth rate every year, and it is entirely possible to maintain an increase of 20% – 25%. The good development momentum of China’s automobile industry will certainly drive the growth of the foundry industry. According to incomplete statistics, in 1998, the output of automotive iron castings and automotive aluminum castings in China was about 70000 tons and 80000 tons. The development of automobile industry is an important factor to stimulate the development of manufacturing industry. Many large foundries in China are suppliers of automobile castings in China.

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