The Special-shaped Aluminum Castings

The special-shaped aluminum castings, including typical parts: tube body, wheel hub, leg block, and propeller. its craft with strong personality need to be designed according to its shape, structure and requirements for service.

Because of the complex shape, when the special aluminum castings starts to be designed, the first important point is to make sure the pouring position of casting. How to draw the shape and how to set up the mud core should be take into consideration. Then the second crucial point is to observe whether the feeding channel of casting is big enough, the riser size and its location are appropriate for aluminum castingss. The third point is to determine the settings of gating system. A reasonable gating system can make the liquid aluminum fill smoothly to be mould with fast filling speed. Thus it will make thinner clapboard with steep turn can be poured and make the sprue far away from air holes. The last significant point is to ensure that the wall thickness of aluminum castings is stable and prevent the deformation of the castings. But for large special-shaped aluminum castingss, it is hard to find a stable process model for rapid design of casting process .

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