General Casting Cast Iron

How we can make so many kinds of iron casting products with different kind of properties? Generally we add carbon into the iron. When the iron melting, we mix the carbon or other additives with the melting iron together. Then we can get different kind of casting iron with different properties after the casting cast iron.


In the casting cast iron, we often remelt the cast iron pan with many scrap iron. During this casting cast iron, we need to remove the impurities within the melting compound by many good ways. We mix the silicon and the carbon black with a reasonable proportion based on different usage. When the casting cast iron going, we also put other additives into the iron casting mixing compound. We can name the cast iron as pig iron which we usually use to heat it into a liquor form and to make the finished products.

Before we transfer the melting iron into the ladle furnace, the iron generally is melted in a electric arc furnace. Sometimes during the casting cast iron, we use the electric induction furnace to melt the iron. So there are many kinds of casting use purpose furnace we can adopt in casting cast iron.

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