The Technology of Ductile Casting Iron

A lot of experts take the technology of ductile casting iron as the study object to develop their research. For example, they take the Pro/E ( professional engineer ) software as the platform of CAD (Computer – Aided Design ) modeling and secondary development. And they develop the CAD/CAE system for ductile casting iron process by the application of parametric design function of Pro/E and development tools of family table. This kind of system can provide different types of CAE and CAD platform with parameters which possesses strong portability .

The system is specially developed for ductile casting iron which introduces the complete and integrated design method of CAD/CAE into the process design of ductile casting iron. The CAD/CAE system of ductile casting iron process can take full advantages of the CAD/CAE technology and improve the design speed of the casting process. It can meet the requirements of the design process for general ductile casting iron parts by combining with the CAD/CAE integrated design method. To apply computer technology in the foundry industry can research the casting production process rapidly, accurately and with low cost. This technology plays a decisive role to completely change blindness in designing casting process scheme, ensure the casting quality and raise the productivity and technology of casting process.

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