The technology of lost foam patterns

In different countries, USA especially, the technology stock lost foam is considered a process completely innovative, when applied in industry, is expected to bring the following benefits: – Energy use is reduced by 20 % by 2020, – improve competitiveness foundry industry,

– reduced pollutant emission rate,

– potential manufacture castings from magnesium alloy,

– Innovations in foundry technology,

– Manufacture of castings for various sectors of industry, machine building industry eg, parts of applications automotive and agriculture.

For the effective implementation of the process in Lost Foam Casting manufacturing, should technical and economic analysis to do. This analysis examines the nature of the risk and risk associated problems, such as the quality, surface, price, total cost, the time spent for research and pilot lots for castings. Should discuss all the problems and to examine with proper care. The technology of lost foam patterns used in different countries to manufacture castings characterized by intricate shapes, poured from different materials, such as aluminum, ferrous alloy or. The castings used by different industry sectors, eg automotive industry, machine building, agricultural applications, and construction sector. In the Czech Republic, for example, they have recently produced the lever solutions for transmission shaft with a braking system. The solutions are made from LKG to Lenze German company with a weight of 0.5 kg, which means a reduction of 20% respectively of the element already spent. The cost of treatment also lower fi nishing. The next sample weighing 100 kg body cast of LLG electric motor made of the Swedish ABB Motors Company. The high dimensional precision casting and the weight reduction of 25%. Using foamed polystyrene patterns, it’s possible for companies gurations electric motors in various confidentiality and weight ranges to make. BMW in Germany the Company developed a series of valid principles in the implementation of new technologies used for the manufacture of passenger car elements. This means undertaking entering the fi eld hitherto unknown of manufacturing solutions, ie making six-cylinder engines and body (R6ZK) consumed by the process (Lost Foam) LF.

The lost foam process which uses BMW ecological and economic benefits numerous. The use of lost foam patterns in the manufacture of castings from various materials fi nds application growth, particularly in countries with highly developed industrial sectors, eg the automotive industry (USA, Italy, France). The initial sample elements manufacture near-net-shape of car engines (companies, camshafts). There are companies specialized in providing equipment needed for the construction of patterns and castings manufacturing technology line, providing, in addition, the components for manufacturing mold. The foam application technology fi nds lost in manufacturing products that are later applied in industry, aircraft and automotive machine building.

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