There is the problem of size error transfer in SLS rapid investment casting process

Through the analysis of the research status at home and abroad, combined with the existing experimental research, and finally according to the research purpose and significance. For SLS There is the problem of size error transfer in the process of rapid investment casting. This paper mainly studies the process parameters of wax dipping post-treatment and the size error transfer law in the process of rapid investment casting. Based on reverse engineering, the 3D scanning and comparison of complex parts are completed, and combined with the size error transfer law, the size verification of typical complex parts and the addition of machining allowance are completed The qualified SLS prototype was fired at the same time, and the SLS prototype was treated after wax impregnation. Combined with the traditional investment casting process, the shell preparation, shell baking, alloy casting and other processes were carried out to obtain the final casting, and then a set of SLS based on SLS for rapid investment casting was formed The control method of prototype size error and the casting process route provide the corresponding reference for the subsequent production application of the process. The main research contents are as follows

(1) Treatment after wax soaking. The change rule of sample precision after wax immersion was calculated and analyzed, and then the optimal process parameters of wax immersion were obtained.

(2) Research on the transfer law of dimension error. Aiming at the size error transfer law in SLS rapid investment casting process, the size error transfer law of CAD model SLS prototype, SLS prototype wax mold, wax mold metal casting was studied, and the results were analyzed.

(3) Typical complex model updating based on size error transfer law. At the same time, the transmission law of dimensional error in the process of rapid casting was verified. Finally, the dimensional correction and machining allowance compensation were carried out for the complex parts. The modified parts were processed after wax impregnation, and the 3D scanning comparison was used to verify whether the modified parts meet the part size requirements The accuracy of the measurement is required.

(4) The experimental verification of rapid casting after dimension repair. Through the gating system design of typical complex parts, and the application of casting simulation software ProCAST to simulate and analyze the initial Pouring Scheme (filling process flow field, solidification temperature field and casting defect distribution), and trial pouring, through the analysis of casting defects, and through the corresponding parameter optimization, until casting qualified castings.

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