Traditional investment casting is also known as “lost wax casting”

Traditional investment casting is also known as “wax loss casting”. Because of the high dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the castings, it is also known as “investment casting”. Paraffin, wood and foam are used to make moulds for castings, and the shells are made through the shell, and then the wax mold is melted and burned to make the corresponding shell. The traditional preparation of wax pattern from the initial paraffin, wood carving, to today’s more widely used paraffin, resin pressed investment mold, wax pattern from scratch, and then to the preparation of high-quality wax pattern.

In view of the traditional pressing wax mold process, it is often necessary to prepare the corresponding metal mold, and the metal mold not only needs to consider the wax mold volume shrinkage, but also for complex parts, the mold development cycle is often long. Especially for the experimental parts in the early stage of scientific research, due to the small number of parts and large size changes, if the traditional pressed investment mold is used, a lot of time and money will be invested in the early stage of mold development, which seriously restricts the updating of new products and seizing market share. Therefore, for complex parts and pre-test products of scientific research, rapid prototyping technology for wax mold preparation has the advantages of accelerating product development and reducing the capital investment related to mold production, especially for the production of complex parts, which provides the possibility for one-time production of complex parts.

This paper mainly studies the preparation of SLS prototype, the preparation of wax mold and the rule of dimensional error transfer in the process of alloy casting, and completes the dimensional error compensation of typical complex parts combined with the rule, and finally realizes the rapid casting of the parts.

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