Working principle of pneumatic ball valve

Pneumatic ball valve is composed of pneumatic actuator and ball valve. Instead of manual operation, it not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, but also can control multiple ball valves at the same time. The actuator of the pneumatic ball valve drives the valve body to open and close quickly, and the speed can achieve the effect of cutting off within seconds. Pneumatic actuator is relatively fast in execution, with the fastest switch speed of 0.05s/time, so it is also called pneumatic quick cut-off ball valve. The pneumatic actuator of the pneumatic ball valve is mainly divided into single acting and double acting. The pneumatic head is equipped with accessories such as: triplet, positioner, limit switch, etc., which can be used as throttling and regulating flow. At the same time, the switch control can be carried out in the remote control room by adding a control box.

The pneumatic ball valve only needs to enter the pneumatic actuator through compressed air. The air source drives the ball core to rotate 0-90 degrees and a very small rotation torque to control the switch of the ball valve. The valve positioner can be assembled according to the working conditions, so as to control the opening of the ball core of the ball valve to regulate the medium flow. The ball rotates around the center line of the valve body to achieve opening. There is a circular through hole or passage through its axis. When the ball center rotates to 90 °, the valve is closed tightly. When the actuator is working, the valve can be closed tightly with only a small moment of rotation, so as to achieve the principle of quick cut-off.

Structure classification of pneumatic ball valve:

Pneumatic ball valve can be divided into switch type pneumatic ball valve and regulating type pneumatic ball valve according to the structure difference. Switch type only has two actions of opening and closing, while regulating type can control the flow size!

  1. The valve core of the switch type pneumatic ball valve is generally O-type ball core, and the valve core of the O-type ball valve is floating precision casting. The port of flow is the same as the pipe diameter, which is mainly used as the cut-off switch.
  2. The valve core of the adjustable pneumatic ball valve is V-shaped ball core, which is of fixed structure, with V-shaped notch on the ball core, and the actuator is equipped with a positioner to realize the proportion adjustment of the medium containing fibers and particles.
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