Yuchai Foundry Co., Ltd

Company profile:

Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest professional diesel engine manufacturer in China. The foundry is its cost center. There are three workshops, of which the second workshop has large investment and scale advantages. The factory is responsible for providing cylinder block, cylinder head and other castings for Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. There are 990 employees, of which technicians account for 7.1%. The plant has a production capacity of 40000 tons. Passed ISO9001:2000 / qs-9000:1998 quality assurance system certification.

Equipment condition:

HWS static pressure molding line is adopted, sand box: 1400 * 900 * 450 (450); The double process of oxygen enriched air supply hot air water-cooled cupola and power frequency holding furnace is used to melt molten iron. It has a core making center (two 90L cold core machines, two robots and one manipulator), and the testing equipment includes direct reading spectrometer, ultrasonic detector, X-ray detector, CMM, magnetic particle flaw detection, metallographic microscope, etc.