ZHY Casting ensures the export quality of high-end castings

High end castings have high performance requirements and great manufacturing difficulties. The concept and requirements of quality first in the production enterprises should be implemented throughout the production.

Some domestic enterprises often rush to the high-end castings with high price, first win the order with low price, and then manufacture with low cost, which makes the high-end casting Market in China chaotic. In the previous period, wind power casting, machine tool casting and Automobile Casting all had similar situations. Some production enterprises that had invested a lot in development costs and insisted on using high-quality raw materials had to give up the market because of no profit, while those enterprises that produced “high-end” castings at low cost not only caused domestic and foreign users to misjudge the price positioning of high-end castings, Moreover, the quality of the “high-end” castings made users doubt the ability of producing high-end castings in China.

Practice shows that the production of high-end castings is not an easy thing. In terms of concept, technology control and management, enterprises are required to improve their quality.

In terms of concept, the most important thing is to put quality first and reduce costs on the premise of ensuring quality. The most important thing in the production of high-end castings is responsibility and reputation. For example, there are unqualified products in ZHY casting’s products exported to Germany, and the goods have been shipped when tracing. They immediately decided to produce a batch of 100% qualified products, which were transported to Germany by high air freight cost, ensuring the quality and reputation. -For qt400-18al axle box at 40 ℃, the surface flaw detection rate is 10%. Considering that the surface defects directly affect the safety and stability of the axle box, the inspection rate is actively changed to 100%. In the bidding, Changzhou Huade company often encounters low price competition, but after repeated consideration, they prefer to sacrifice profits, but also adhere to the use of high-price high-purity pig iron and high-quality carbon scrap, to ensure the implementation of the quality assurance system of raw material procurement.

It is not easy for cupola smelting to reach 1500 ℃ under cold wind. Yantai ice wheel company insists on using high-grade cast coke with high price to ensure high-temperature smelting.

In order to give full play to the role of graphite expansion of nodular cast iron, ZHY casting adopts high-quality follow-up sand box with steel plate thickness of 30-40 mm, which fully guarantees the rigidity of the mold.

The testing equipment with high price and good quality is purchased to ensure the reliability of performance test. These facts show that the cost increase required to ensure quality is essential. The high-end casting is a guarantee for the high-end mechanical and electrical products in various fields of the national economy. However, if the enterprises producing high-end casting do not put the quality first and make good use of the inferior, it will be fatal for the survival of the enterprises and have a bad negative effect on the country and society.

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