Advanced Foam Casting Adopted to Cast the Metal

Using the foam casting, it can be more advanced compared to other casting ways. Coz the foam casting is a pattern melting way casting so that it can use the small boiling limit value to make the process more easily compared with using the investment casting method. Because in investment casting, we have to move the wax with more complicated process.

So by adopting the foam casting method, we can make accurate size foundry products which can have a smooth surface. By using the foam casting, we also no need use the draft. There will be no part lines produced during the casting process. We also can use the sand more easily than we use the resin sand. Compared with green sand, the unbounded sand we use also more easier in foam casting process.

So foam casting process is very advanced that can save us much cost than other casting method such like investment casting way. Coz using the foam casting method can use much less process steps. The foam used in the casting way is more easily compared with other material to manipulate.