Casting Foam Used in Lost Foam Casting

Lost foam casting pattern use the casting foam instead of the wax. The casting foam made from a material we name it poly styrene. So we call it Poly Styrene Foam. Using the poly styrene, we can make many kinds of different patterns. It is easy to make the patterns both big size or small size.

Small size casting foam we can make it with hands. We also can use a cutter to make the foam. Big size casting foam we can use a injecting method to make. So it can be mass produced. In this process we inject the poly styrene into a mold made from aluminum. The we supply the steam on the poly styrene so that it can expand more and more until fill tightly and solidly. Then we can get the big size casting foam.

Actually the patterns we make include big volume air and less volume poly styrene. So that we can adopt the casting foam when we use the lost foam casting way to cast metals. Also the pouring process is very important in the lost foam casting. It is already recognized by users in the foundry products manufacturing process.