Advantages of Sand Cast

sand cast productsAs a widely used casting method, sand cast is very important in industrial productions. This method has many advantages. The followings are specifications of these advantages:

Cost Effectiveness In terms of this casting method, the cost for the casting mould is relatively low. Because of this, sand cast is always a fundamental one among all methods.

Flexible Production Modes Besides, the production of the mould for sand cast is simple, enabling casts to be produced either as single-piece or on a large scale.

Short Production Cycle Because of the features of its mould and other factors, the period for the production of casts using sand cast is also pretty short. In the times of “time is money”, this has great importance and significance.

Because of the above outstanding characteristics of sand cast, this method is not only adopted by most Chinese factories, but also popular through the world. According to professional statistics, over 60% casts were produced by this method. And with the development of science and technology, its usages may be further extended. At the moment, relevant technicians are also working hard on the trying of new materials in the production of the mould.