The Early Stage of China Casting

The early stage and development of China casting. Casting is a hot working process of  metal which  humans master earlier, history  for  6000 years, between 1700 ~ 1700 b.c. Has entered the heyday of bronze casting, craft has reached a quite high level, China casting refers to the solid metal melt as liquid into the specific shape of the casting, awaiting the coagulation process, processing way of solidification, be casting metal: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc, Common mold material is the original sand, clay, sodium silicate, resin and other auxiliary materials, Special casting mold include: sand mould casting,investment casting, lost foam casting, metal mold casting, ceramic mold casting, etc. (the original sand include: quartz sand, magnesia and zircon sand and chromite sand, magnesia olivine sand, disthene sand and graphite sand, iron ore, etc).

The Shang dynasty of China’s 875 kg SiMuWu Square, Yi statue of plate of the warring states period, the western han dynasty through the lens, are the representative of the ancient China casting products. Early China castings are mostly agricultural production, religion, life, etc, tools or equipment, color art. Then the China casting process is with the parallel development of pottery making craft, much affected by the pottery.

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