Analysis of impact toughness of steel castings in lost foam casting Process

In order to study the impact resistance of steel castings at different temperatures, three temperature detection conditions, namely normal temperature, – 20 ℃ and – 40 ℃, were set for impact test by using impact testing machine and impact test cryogenic tank.

The impact toughness of the same foam material and different sampling locations decreased significantly with the increase of carbon content in the sampling area, especially the maximum percentage of impact toughness at low temperature was the largest. The comparison of the impact toughness results of the same sampling location and different foam materials shows that the impact toughness of the castings with STMMA material is obviously higher than that of the EPS material, especially the low temperature impact toughness. Among them, the low temperature impact toughness of steel castings produced by EPS does not meet the requirements of bridge bearing. Therefore, the mechanical properties, especially the low-temperature impact properties, can be guaranteed by using stmma copolymer in the production of low-carbon steel castings.

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