Analysis of process Design characteristics and study on process parameters of Sand Mold casting

Sand casting is widely used in the forming of iron castings, non-ferroalloy castings and small steel castings, and occupies an important position in all kinds of casting forming methods. The characteristics of sand casting process design are closely related to the selection of casting process scheme and the product quality of castings, so it is necessary to analyze and classify the process design features according to the sand casting process and casting forming characteristics.

The sand casting process design features are divided into casting material features, casting geometric structure features and pouring features, so as to provide a basis for extracting related process parameters from process design features for low-carbon optimization.

Firstly, the technological process of sand casting is analyzed, and the casting process and the characteristics of casting production are explained. Secondly, combined with the characteristics of casting process design, the characteristics of sand casting process design are discussed and classified. Finally, the influence mechanism of process parameters related to the characteristics of sand casting process design is discussed and studied.

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