Analysis on casting technology of automobile engine block

In the process of casting the automobile engine cylinder block, relevant enterprises and technicians should pay attention to the reasonable selection of cylinder block materials, the good application of molding technology, the effective guarantee of engine cylinder block casting accuracy and the accurate manufacture of cylinder core. In this way, the automobile engine cylinder can be well cast, meet the actual application needs of automobile engine, and further ensure the production, manufacturing quality, application effect and safety of automobile. This will play a very positive role in promoting the improvement of automobile engine block casting technology and the good development of automobile manufacturing industry.

In the process of automobile engine design and manufacturing, engine block casting is a key content. Only by ensuring the casting quality of the engine block can we give full play to the application advantages of the automobile engine, meet the requirements of safe and stable operation of the automobile, and further save resources. Therefore, in the process of casting and processing the engine block in the automobile engine, relevant enterprises and technicians must pay enough attention to the casting and processing technology of the engine block, conduct in-depth research on it, and then reasonably apply the corresponding casting and processing technology of the engine block according to the actual situation and combined with the actual requirements, And do a good job in the selection and parameter control of various materials, equipment and processes. In this way, the good casting of automobile engine cylinder block can be realized, its practical application needs can be met, and the good application and development of automobile production and manufacturing technology in today’s era can be promoted.

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