Analysis on casting technology of automobile gasket

1. Analysis of Minimum Wall Thickness of Castings

Considering the limited filling capacity of liquid metal, in order to avoid the defects such as cold insulation and cracks caused by liquid metal pouring or solidification after pouring part of the liquid metal, a minimum wall thickness should be set to limit the limit size of the casting without affecting the service performance of the casting.

Casting wall thickness shall be greater than its minimum wall thickness when designing the casting structure.The maximum contour size of the casting is 259 mm, the minimum wall thickness of the filling pouring of nodular cast iron is 4-8 mm, and the minimum wall thickness of the pad is 8 mm, which meets the minimum wall thickness requirements of the casting.

2. Analysis of cast ribs

In order to ensure that the castings meet the service requirements, 9 reinforcing ribs were designed in the castings.The rib thickness should be less than or equal to the minimum wall thickness of the castings. All the rib thicknesses of the castings are 8 mm. Combining with the three-dimensional casting drawings, it can be seen that the shape, size and placement position of the rib reinforcement of the castings meet the design requirements. Therefore, no further design of the rib reinforcement is required.

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