Sand mold for complex turbine housing castings

Casting refers to the production method of injecting liquid alloy into the casting to cool, solidify and aftertreatment the liquid alloy, and finally becomes a metal product. It is one of the most commonly used production processes for part blanks. It has many features. It is not limited by the quality, size and shape of part blanks, and its shape is very complex. It is very difficult to machine or even difficult to produce parts.It can be obtained by casting.

Depending on the casting pattern, it can be divided into sand casting, metal casting (including die casting), special casting, etc.Different casting methods have different requirements for process and equipment. Among them, sand casting is usually made up of sand mold and core. The raw material for directly forming the casting is mainly sand, and the liquid metal is fully filled with the whole casting cavity by gravity. Castings are produced in sand mold. Because the sand casting material is cheap and easy to obtain, the casting is easy to manufacture and the production of single casting is easy.Batch production and mass production can be adapted.

According to the complex structure characteristics of turbine housing castings, sand casting method is adopted to form the turbine housing castings, reasonable design of pattern, dummy box and core mould, simplify the parting surface of the casting, metal core forming and partial outer cooling iron design are adopted to avoid casting defects such as shrinkage and insufficient casting.The die structure is simple, the forming cycle is shortened and the quality of the casting is high. The die has been put into mass production of the casting and is approved by customers.

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