Application of additive manufacturing technology in investment casting process of agricultural machinery

In the process of industrial manufacturing, investment casting can play an important role and can be used to make parts with complex shapes. The combination of additive manufacturing technology and investment casting process and their application in agricultural machinery production can give full play to the advantages of the two different processes, which is conducive to improving the product quality of agricultural machinery equipment. Therefore, it is of great significance to analyze the effective application of additive manufacturing technology in agricultural machinery investment casting process.

In the production and manufacturing of agricultural machinery parts, there are many deficiencies in the application of additive manufacturing technology:

1) The parts that can be produced by additive manufacturing technology have the characteristics of small size, while the traditional pattern manufacturing process has more advantages in producing large-size parts;

2) In the process of applying selective laser sintering technology, it is not only necessary to apply high-energy laser technology, but also for the high production environment temperature, which is easy to cause casting deformation or internal defects. At present, the performance testing method of components is not clear;

3) Some equipment required for additive manufacturing technology are expensive, such as raw materials such as photosensitive resin, so this technology can not be widely used at present;

4) In the process of printing some polymer materials with additive manufacturing technology, harmful substances may be produced and the environment may be adversely affected.

At present, China is actively promoting intelligent manufacturing. Additive manufacturing technology is bound to get a better development, and its combination with investment casting technology is also a general trend. It can make the manufacturing precision higher, the production time shorter, and the operation less difficult, and effectively make up for the shortcomings in the traditional form of manufacturing. In the investment casting of agricultural machinery parts, the application of additive manufacturing technology can make the production efficiency and quality of agricultural machinery parts higher. At present, the country has invested more and more in additive manufacturing technology, and various industries have deepened their understanding of this technology, which makes additive manufacturing technology a production technology with full development potential. It can complement and promote with investment casting, and give full play to their advantages. In addition, in the process of using additive manufacturing technology to produce agricultural machinery parts, various numerical control technologies are mainly applied to realize the production integration of agricultural machinery parts. Thus, it can promote the further development of China’s agriculture, more effectively promote the development of agricultural science and technology and modernization, and improve the overall economic level of China.

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