Application of computer casting technology in open sand casting of tractor axle housing

With the development of computer hardware and simulation software and the maturity of various finite element software, the application of numerical simulation in casting molding is more and more, and has entered the stage of practical engineering. In this paper, we learned a lot of new knowledge and solved a lot of practical production problems by studying the casting process simulation of the axle housing. But limited to my research level and time and other objective conditions, there are still deficiencies in the paper, which need further in-depth research and improvement. It mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) In the next step, the coupling calculation of flow field, temperature field and stress field can be further studied to further improve the accuracy of numerical simulation and study the thermodynamic change law of liquid metal solidification process.

(2) The selection of different thermal physical parameters has a great impact on the accuracy of the simulation results. However, due to the limitations of the test conditions, most of the thermal physical parameters are set by the database of the software, which affects the accuracy of the calculation results to a certain extent. If the measured thermophysical parameters of relevant tests are extracted from the actual production, it should have more guiding significance for the numerical simulation of products.

The casting system of the axle housing was simulated and analyzed by ProCAST simulation software. The solidification sequence and shrinkage cavity position of each part of the axle housing were determined according to the change of temperature field. The “sequential solidification” was realized by adding riser to reduce the occurrence of shrinkage cavity and shrinkage porosity.

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