The important position of hydraulic system in equipment manufacturing industry

The most important part of equipment manufacturing industry is hydraulic system, which plays an important role in various engineering fields. The hydraulic pump in the hydraulic system is widely used, not only in agricultural related mechanical equipment, machine tool equipment, engineering mechanical equipment, automobile industry, petrochemical industry and other host industries, but also in underground construction, water conservancy engineering, aerospace, medicine, railway and other fields. High speed, high precision, high efficiency, miniaturization, automation and lightweight are the development direction of hydraulic device in recent years. As a hydraulic enterprise, the most important problem to be solved is to continuously improve the competitiveness and reliability of its hydraulic system.

Axial and radial piston pumps are two main types of piston hydraulic pumps. Their working principle is that when the plunger in the piston pump hole of the hydraulic cylinder is reciprocating, the volume of the cylinder body will change due to the reciprocating motion. This cycle can realize the first oil absorption and then oil pressure. When the axial piston pump is working, the service life of the friction pair and bearing, and the strength of the parts determine the reliability and life of the piston pump.

Therefore, as a pair of friction pair material, whether its anti abrasion ability is excellent and whether the structural design is reasonable. Under the excellent anti scratch ability and reasonable design, the piston pump friction pair can achieve its function. The working efficiency of the plunger pump, the failure caused by the wear of equipment and the length of service life are the main ways to greatly reduce the service life of the pump body The friction of the material in a short time leads to failure.

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