Application of database technology in foundry industry of China

At present, in the field of digital casting, domestic research focuses on the development and application of digital casting database system or expert system, mainly focusing on casting technology and casting defects.

In terms of casting technology, Hao Xiaoyu of North University of China and others take the widely used java web technology as support, adopt SSH framework design, and based on C / s An integrated casting process aided design platform was built to realize the query and calculation functions of casting process data, as well as data storage and maintenance functions, which solved the problems of effective storage and reasonable utilization of data in CAD. Li mei’e and others of Northwest Polytechnic University analyzed the forms and characteristics of various parameters used in casting process design, The processing methods of various forms of data in the establishment of casting process parameter database are introduced, Taking Turbo C as the host language, and with the help of relational graphic database system C-base The database of alloy casting process performance, alloy name dictionary and process design parameters was established. Wang Zhiping, Yang Jiao and others of Lanzhou University of science and technology established the casting process database by analyzing and calculating the various parameters needed in the casting production process. The database was used as the background database, Delphi and SQL Server were used The database management system of casting process is developed. Finally, it is proved by examples that the developed system can realize various query functions of casting process data information, and has the functions of data storage and database maintenance, which can solve the problems of effective storage and rational utilization of a large number of casting process data in the CAD of casting process; Xue Xingxing, et al. Of Hebei University of technology used C + + Builder The software developed a set of casting aluminum alloy database system, which was used to collect and sort out the relevant information of casting aluminum alloy materials, and realized the functions of data maintenance, query, sorting, printing and so on. How to realize the functions of the system is studied. The system interface is clear and clear, the data is true and reliable, and the function is relatively complete.

In terms of casting defects, Liu Xulin of Dalian University of technology has developed a casting defect analysis expert system (sscda) based on 586 computer / Chinese Win95 and visual foxpro5.0. Sscda has successfully simulated the analysis and solution of casting defects of iron castings and non-ferrous alloy castings by human foundry experts, By using turbo Prolog language, Li Jun of Chongqing University and others designed and implemented an expert system for casting defect attributes and causes, as well as technological measures to prevent casting defects. The system consists of five modules: knowledge base, inference engine, data base, man-machine interface and interpretation mechanism. Knowledge is expressed by production rules, A man-machine interface with reverse chain reasoning mechanism and single drive mode is adopted

Li Zengli and others of the Institute of mechanical research adopted C เท language and vs2013 development platform, developed in a three-tier architecture, combined with SQL Server 2008 database management system and ASP.NET Zhang Liguang of Tsinghua University combined expert system theory with database technology, Based on the casting defect classification system of CIATF, a casting defect analysis expert system was developed. The system can identify 112 kinds of casting defects in 7 categories through friendly user interface, diagnose the causes of defects and put forward countermeasures and suggestions to prevent casting defects. By using knowledge acquisition and system maintenance module, the system knowledge can be maintained and expanded, and the system can be continuously improved to make it more in line with the actual situation of various enterprises.

The limitations of the above database are as follows: there is no mathematical model of casting process or casting defects, lack of theoretical basis; casting data is not effectively summarized, and the data utilization efficiency is low. At the same time, because the actual situation of each foundry enterprise is different, the casting difference is big, so the universality of digital casting system is poor, and the application field and scope are seriously limited.

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