Application of database technology in foreign foundry industry

In the field of digital casting abroad, it is more reflected in the whole process automation of casting process.

Kurtz company of Germany has realized the digitalization, automation and remote monitoring of the whole production process, and has realized the intelligent control of casting quality and the information management of production process by using the advanced digital casting management system;

German winter company uses the artificial view technology to automatically identify the unqualified sand core by moire method, and uses grinding robot to clean the blank casting, which has high production efficiency;

JMP precision casting company of Germany has a unique way to realize the automatic casting of engine cylinder block by establishing a circular production line on the ground. The production line is equipped with two gravity casting machines, and the melting furnace is set outside the line. The communication and digital control are realized by industrial robot loading and unloading, casting machine, driving motor, industrial robot and other equipment.

The robot is not only responsible for handling castings, but also for visual inspection and transportation to deburring and machining units. The space utilization rate of the production line is high, which not only effectively reduces the area of the production site, but also reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and fully eliminates the unsafe factors, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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