Application of low pressure die casting in automobile parts manufacturing

This kind of die-casting is a process between metal mold casting and die-casting. Under the action of pressure, the aluminum melt fills the cavity from one or two gates at the bottom along the riser, solidifies from the place far away from the gate, and gradually expands to the gate. This “sequential solidification” state is exactly the same as that of the metal mold casting. The difference is that there is no riser feeding in the low-pressure casting, so there are certain requirements for the shape and structure of the casting.

The utilization rate of aluminum melt in low-pressure casting is much higher than that in metal mold casting, up to 85% – 90%, while that in metal mold casting is only 40% – 60%. The mechanical properties of the products are higher and the compactness is better. However, the scrap rate is higher and the production process is more complicated. The comparison of process contents and product properties of low pressure die casting, die casting and metal die casting.