Application of selective laser sintering technology in foundry

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is also known as selective laser sintering (SLS). As a processing technology based on the idea of discrete stacking, SLS is mainly divided into two processes: the discrete process on the computer and the stacking process on the forming machine. The specific process is as follows:

(a) Establishment of CAD model
(b) Parts treatment (machining allowance and grinding allowance)
(c) Magics adds support and layering
(e) PS prototype
(d) Selective laser sintering

1) Discrete process: the CAD model is imported into the computer, and the approximate CAD model file is obtained through the triangular patch approximation processing of the model, and the support addition and layered processing are carried out combined with the specific firing process, in which the layered processing refers to the discretization of a series of layers along the Z direction.

(2) Stacking process: after the discrete files are imported into the forming equipment, the powder is laid layer by layer through the forming machine, and the laser scans and sinters the powder materials along the outline size of the parts until the final parts are accumulated layer by layer. The specific process is shown in the figure.

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