Influence of foundation and machine foundation on vibration performance of centrifugal casting mold

(1) Taking the force of roller supported horizontal centrifugal casting machine as the research object, the calculation method of the comprehensive stiffness and damping of the foundation and the foundation when the rectangular foundation acts on the elastic half space foundation is established. Then the force analysis of the cast rotor and the large block foundation is carried out respectively, and the motion differential equation of the system is established. According to the boundary conditions, the motion equation is solved by the transfer matrix method Using this method, the vibration performance of the mold of the roller supported centrifugal casting machine considering the vibration of the bulk machine foundation can be obtained.

(2) A numerical example of a certain type of roller supported centrifugal casting machine was studied, and the effects of foundation size and foundation size on the free vibration and forced vibration performance of the rotor of the centrifugal casting machine were studied. The results of free vibration analysis and calculation show that: after considering the foundation and foundation in the model, the natural frequency of the system is 2 orders more than that of the system without considering the foundation and foundation in the studied frequency range, and the natural frequencies of each order decrease with the increase of the foundation height and the increase of the buried depth of the foundation under other conditions It increases and decreases with the increase of the size of the foundation bottom.

(3) The calculation results of forced vibration show that: under other conditions unchanged, the resonance amplitude of each order increases with the increase of foundation height, but decreases with the increase of embedded depth; under the working speed, the higher the foundation height or the greater the embedded depth, the closer the vibration mode of the rotor is to the case without considering the characteristics of foundation and foundation; the influence of the size of foundation bottom on the rotational speed of casting mold However, when the size of the base increases to a certain extent, the foundation can be regarded as rigid in vibration analysis.

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