Attempt to New Casting Materials for Automotive Exhaust Manifold

In view of the change of exhaust temperature of automobiles, the materials used in the exhaust manifolds of automobiles are constantly updated. In addition to grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and stainless steel, attempts have been made to cast bainitic cast iron and cast aluminium alloy in this process.

In view of the good strength and toughness of bainite, many organizations have carried out researches in this field. These researches mainly focus on mechanical properties, microstructure, wear resistance and formability, but they are not widely used due to the differences in service properties.

During the research of Ferritic Ductile iron, the appearance of pearlite has attracted much attention of many scholars for a period of time. It is found that the corrosion rate of this material does not change with the specific gravity of pearlite.

Some automotive exhaust manifolds are made of cast aluminium alloys, such as those for the exhaust manifolds of CA488 engines, such as those for the exhaust manifolds of CA488 engines.

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