Automobile die casting and casting aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy has a series of excellent properties and high efficiency of energy conservation and environmental protection effect. It is used more and more in automobiles and motorcycles, and its proportion in material structure is also increasing year by year. Reducing the weight of the car is one of the main ways to expand its application. In order to greatly reduce the weight of the car, it is necessary to replace the steel parts such as the body (about 30%), engine (about 18%), transmission system (about 15%), walking system (about 16%), wheel (about 15%) with aluminum alloy materials.

In the aluminum alloy for automobile, the die-casting aluminum alloy and other cast aluminum alloy account for about 80%, and the processing aluminum material (plate, strip, foil, tube, bar, mold, wire, forging, paste) only accounts for about 20%. With the increase of the amount of aluminum plate and strip for automobile body, the proportion of aluminum material will increase year by year, but the increase will not be large. In the aluminum alloy used for casting products, the output of die-casting parts accounts for about 70% of the output of casting products, so the proportion of die-casting aluminum alloy in automobile aluminum accounts for 55%, of course, the proportion of aluminum used in various countries will be different, but it is in the range of 54% – 70%.

In all industries of the national economy, as far as the world is concerned, in 2010, the aluminum consumption of the automobile industry (the sum of the original aluminum and the recycled aluminum) accounted for more than 30% of the total aluminum consumption, accounting for the first place; while in China, the aluminum consumption of the automobile industry accounted for about 28% of the total aluminum consumption, ranking second only after the aluminum consumption of the construction industry, which may continue to the end of the 12th Five Year Plan or longer.

The aluminum used in automobile industry is mainly cast aluminum alloy, and about 80% of it is recycled aluminum. In 2009, the aluminum consumption of automobile industry in Europe, North America and Japan, including Russia, accounted for 72% of the total global consumption. Duke believes that the proportion will drop to 60% in 2020, while the author predicts that it will drop to 55%. Duke believes that the aluminum content of Chinese cars will exceed that of Japan in 2020 [1], and the author believes that this time can come before 2015.

Recycled aluminum is mainly used for automobile die casting and casting. In order to save energy and reduce emissions, improve economic benefits and develop circular economy, the recycled aluminum plant is better to be adjacent to the automobile manufacturing plant, so as to provide the nearest automobile manufacturing plant with recycled aluminum melt or directly cast automobile parts.

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