Background analysis of the influence of casting process on the performance of mechanical bearing pedestal

As we all know, bearing pedestal is an important part of modern machinery and plays an important role in the normal operation of mechanical equipment. The bearing pedestal has the effect of reducing the torsion and vibration of the bearing, and can effectively ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. At the same time, the quality of bearing pedestal is closely related to the application of bearing pedestal. In the complex environment, the bearing pedestal is easy to overload, which is likely to deform and collapse.

The working strength of the mechanical bearing pedestal is very strong, which is not only affected by the self weight of the upper mechanical equipment and the force generated by it, but also affected by the vibration and powder layer during the operation of the equipment. Under the harsh working environment, the bearing pedestal is prone to deformation, fracture and overload, affecting the normal production. In addition, the production of bearing pedestal is cumbersome, coupled with the characteristics of complex structure and uneven deformation of bearing pedestal, the shape is easy to change in the uneven thermal environment during the casting process.

In addition, the production and use of the bearing pedestal have a great impact on the bearing. Once the performance of the bearing pedestal does not meet the industry requirements, it will have a certain impact on the durability and basic working efficiency of the bearing pedestal. More importantly, in the harsh working environment, the bearing pedestal is easy to be affected by internal and external factors, load overload, resulting in deformation or damage of the bearing pedestal. However, in the production, processing and casting process of the bearing pedestal, the bearing pedestal also needs to select different casting processes according to the relevant requirements of the casting mold. In addition, the technical level of technicians should be improved to ensure the accuracy and size of the casting mold, ensure the performance of the bearing pedestal and avoid the influence of internal and external factors on the bearing pedestal.

Therefore, the impact wear test of bearing pedestal under the influence of various technical parameters is studied, mainly to study the influence of casting technology on the performance of bearing pedestal, and find out the best casting technical parameters, so as to provide the development basis and direction for the modernization of China’s machinery industry.