Background analysis of the influence of casting process on the performance of mechanical bearing pedestal

In the process of the continuous development of China’s industrialization level, it often involves the use of many different sizes and types of mechanical equipment. As a very important part of China’s modern mechanical equipment, the bearing can effectively support the mechanical rotating body to work in the actual working process, so as to reduce the friction in the movement process, which can not only reduce the wear state of mechanical equipment caused by a large amount of friction force in the working process, It can not only prolong the service life of mechanical equipment, but also effectively ensure its rotation accuracy, decompose the various loads carried by the machinery itself, so as to further improve the performance, safety and reliability of mechanical equipment, so as to make the service performance of mechanical equipment play the greatest role in a certain range.

In addition, for the change of the performance of the mechanical bearing pedestal, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the function of the mechanical bearing pedestal, which is a component mainly used to support and fix the bearing. On the one hand, it is to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the mechanical equipment, on the other hand, it is to reduce the vibration and torsion of the bearing in the actual working process, Improving the casting process to effectively improve the performance of mechanical bearing pedestal can guarantee and support the normal operation of mechanical equipment to the greatest extent, which also shows that the performance and quality of mechanical bearing seat play an increasingly important role in the operation of mechanical equipment.

In addition, because the production of bearing pedestal is closely related to the use function of bearing, once the performance and quality of mechanical bearing pedestal do not meet the requirements of actual work or industrial standards, it will affect the service life and basic work efficiency of bearing to a certain extent, which also promotes the research on the performance of mechanical bearing pedestal by relevant industrial and mechanical workers in China. There is also the most important point, that is, the working intensity of the mechanical bearing pedestal is very high. It must bear the influence of the self weight and force of the upper mechanical equipment, and pay attention to the influence of dust. The whole harsh working environment makes it easy for the mechanical bearing pedestal to exceed its critical load due to the joint action of internal and external factors, The bearing pedestal of mechanical equipment is deformed and broken. However, for the production, processing and casting of bearings, due to the complexity of its structure and the instability of its quality, it is easy to lead to horizontal changes in its shape due to the influence of unbalanced thermal environment. In this way, the requirements for the casting process have become more and more strict and demanding. As China has not entered the era of industrialization for a long time, the research and application of the whole casting process is not perfect, so its technical research needs to be further strengthened and improved.

Therefore, the impact test and wear test of mechanical bearing pedestal castings are studied under the influence of different process parameters, mainly to explore the influence of casting process on the performance of mechanical bearing pedestal, so as to find out the most suitable casting process parameters and help China’s mechanical equipment carry out modern reform and innovation.