Basic setting of sand casting mold template project

Open the three-dimensional model of sand casting mold template, run the processing module of UG NX software, first open the processing method navigator, and set the allowance parameters and corresponding feed settings of rough machining, semi rough machining and finish machining. Then open the geometric view, define the machining coordinate system to the center of the upper plane of the blank, define the coincidence of MCS and WCs coordinate systems, and set the safety plane to 30ram from the upper surface of the blank. Then create the geometry and select the upper sand casting mold template as the machined part (i.e. the template 3D model to be obtained through machining). Then enter the modeling module to stretch the blank geometry, and then return to the processing module to select the stretched body as the blank. Here, in order to facilitate the display of components, the blank geometry is transparent, as shown in the figure. Due to the lack of connection mode and size of template and fixture in NC machine tool, the processing idea is mainly described here, which simplifies the modeling and processing simulation of the connection between template and fixture in sand casting mold.

The color of tool path line in all tool path diagrams adopts the default setting of UG NX 8.0. The specific tool motion type represented by each color of path line.