Basic theory analysis and gating system structure design of liquid metal filling for sand casting axle housing

Numerical simulation is a method that uses the correspondence between different things to verify measures. Numerical simulation is irreversible. Casting simulation is to use numerical change to simulate the solidification process system, which can master the change of solid rate and thermal stress in the solidification process. The filling sequence of each cavity surface and the occurrence of defects in the filling process of metal. The following functions can be achieved through casting numerical simulation: the location of defects can be predicted; the opening time can be predicted; the production cycle can be analyzed systematically; the critical temperature of mold and mold can be predicted in advance, and the quality of casting products can be improved.

The casting system adopts silicon carbide foam ceramic filter screen. This kind of filter screen has the comprehensive effect of chemistry and physics. It can filter out the large inclusions on the surface of the filter, and the small inclusions are adsorbed on the surface of the filter. At the same time, it can comb the disordered metal melt, reduce the turbulence and make the liquid metal flow smoothly. In this process design, the filter screen is laid at the bottom of the sprue, with an area of 30 cm2. Summary of three gating system design schemes with different cross-sectional areas.

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