Box making and sanding in Lost Foam Casting

Compared with the traditional casting method, lost foam casting is very simple to box and remove sand. Due to the good fluidity of molding sand, Lost foam casting is easy to remove from molding sand. There are two general methods of box beating and sand removal:

(1) After the lost foam casting solidifies, blow compressed air from the bottom of the sand box, and the molding sand flows. The EPS residue accumulated in the molding sand contacts and burns with the flowing air. At the same time, cool the sand to remove the fine powder;

(2) After the lost foam casting solidifies, the lost foam casting is taken out of the sand box with a hoist, and then the sand box is overturned, the molding sand falls from the grid of the desander, and the EPS residue burns.

The research shows that when iron castings, after the same sand is used repeatedly for hundreds of times, its ignition loss increases, its fluidity decreases, and block products are formed. In the process of use, an appropriate amount of new sand should be continuously added. After the molding sand is cooled and the micro powder and metal block are removed, it can be recycled, and the waste is greatly reduced. When the molding sand is reused, it must be cooled below 50 ℃ to prevent the deformation of EPS model.

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