Brief introduction of lost foam casting simulation software

The simulation software of lost foam casting simulation is ProCAST and visual environment. ProCAST can accurately simulate the flow process of metal casting, simulate and analyze the temperature field, flow field and stress field in the process of metal casting, accurately display the location and residual stress of surface defects of lost foam casting, predict the shrinkage cavity and porosity defects in lost foam casting, and optimize the lost foam casting process.

ProCAST is a CAE system developed based on the process optimization of lost foam casting products. It was developed by ues software in the United States in 1985 and ESI group in France in 2002. So far, ProCAST and MAGMAsoft are known as the world’s most famous lost foam casting simulation software, and the trend of virtual integration of ProCAST is becoming more and more obvious, and its advantages are becoming more and more prominent.

ProCAST is applicable to all kinds of casting. It has a separate lost foam casting module. Its own material database is very powerful and can be used to simulate any alloy. Its mathematical model considers the actual production factors comprehensively and is constantly updated. It has a very accurate grasp of various defects of lost foam castings. It can quickly visualize the lost foam casting process and optimize the lost foam casting process scheme. ProCAST uses finite element meshes, and a small number of meshes can perfectly express the model information. In order to achieve faster computing speed, multi-core (SMP) or multi-computer simultaneous computing (DMP) can be used.

The main modules of ProCAST include: grid processor, fluid solver, thermal solver, stress solver, radiation module, reverse solution module, advanced shrinkage module, microstructure module and grain structure module. In addition, it also has a powerful pre processor ProCAST and post processor visual viewer.