Calculation of five axis simultaneous forming of sand mold

The three-dimensional modeling of impeller sand mold is carried out by UG, and the automatic cutter shaft machining mode is selected in cam module. The machining strategy is from the coated cylinder to the wheel hub, the blank size is 337mm × 337mm × 166mm, the cutter diameter is 10mm, and the cutting depth is constant 6.6mm. After the processing program is generated by post-processing, the tool path paths of 66 machining points are extracted as shown in Fig. 1, and the programming coordinates of rotation axis are shown in Fig. 2.

The five axis programming coordinates of impeller sand mold are substituted into the formula as the forward solution position coordinates of RTCP, and the comparison diagram of forward and inverse solutions of linear axis RTCP is obtained, as shown in Fig. 3. It can be seen that, compared with the linear axis programming coordinate PM, the position P after the inverse solution of RTCP changes greatly.

According to the formula, when the programming speed is f500, the linear axis feed rate is shown in Fig. 4 and the rotation axis feed rate is shown in Fig. 5.

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