Carbon emission of sand casting process based on process parameters

Under the background of the global requirements for high energy efficiency and less environmental impact on the manufacturing industry, the carbon emissions of sand casting under different carbon sources are analyzed and summarized, three carbon source calculation models and carbon emission models under different process parameters are established, and the optimization method of sand casting process parameters is proposed combined with genetic algorithm, The optimization of process parameters in the process design stage is realized, and the total carbon emission in the sand casting process is reduced. The specific work is as follows:

  1. The process analysis of typical sand mold casting process is carried out, and the energy, materials and unexpected input and output of sand mold casting process are analyzed. According to the characteristics of sand mold casting process parameters, the process parameters and of sand mold casting are classified, and the specific carbon sources of the process are classified based on the different properties of the parameters.
  2. The carbon source model of sand casting process is established, and the calculation range of carbon emission of each carbon source and the calculation method of subdivided carbon source are specified.
  3. Based on the process parameters, the carbon emission calculation model of sand casting is established. A low carbon optimization strategy of sand casting process parameters based on genetic algorithm is proposed.
  4. Under certain sand casting process conditions, the process parameter design scheme is put forward, and the carbon emission is estimated.