Case analysis of energy saving and consumption reduction in foundry by ZHY casting

ZHY casting was officially put into production in May 2004. The foundry area covers an area of 2600 square meters, with a building area of 2750 square meters. It has a modern combined plant and complete supporting facilities. The overall planning of the factory includes die casting machine and low-pressure casting machine, with an annual output of about 30000 tons of alloy castings. At the beginning of the year, ZHY casting set an annual target to reduce the energy consumption per unit product by 10%. In the first half of the year, it basically reached the target of reducing water, electricity and gas consumption. In order to ensure the success of the goal, ZHY casting initiated a large number of energy-saving technological innovation and management activities, including frequency conversion and energy-saving transformation of the die-casting machine, smelting flue gas waste heat transformation, die-casting machine hydraulic oil filtration and recycling. Among them, the power saving effect of die casting machine energy-saving transformation project is more than 30% through test. After the implementation of the project, ZHY casting will save more than 10000 kwh of power every month, and save 10000 yuan of electricity every month.

On June 29, ZHY casting signed the first energy management contract in Luoyang with Schneider and Luoyang Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. to implement the transformation project of smelting waste heat utilization in die casting plant. The project collects the waste heat flue gas discharged from the smelting process originally through the flue, and then uses it in hot water boiler, aging, passivation and other production processes, reducing the heat loss and natural gas consumption. After the implementation of the project, ZHY casting will reduce the consumption of natural gas by 10 thousand cubic meters per month and save gas cost by 20 thousand yuan. At the recent management meeting of the company, leaders of the company asked all managers to take practical measures to focus on energy saving and consumption reduction. The production management shall be arranged reasonably to ensure that the number of equipment to be turned on matches the gas production capacity of the air compressor; measures shall be taken to increase the production capacity of the shift and reduce the energy consumption of the unit product; the inspection and supervision of running, emitting, dripping and leaking shall be strengthened at the production site, and the concept of “starting from me” shall be advocated to all employees, starting from the small things around, such as turning off the light, water and fan when walking, Shut down the pump when repairing the equipment and mould, etc These are the little things around us. It’s easy to do, but it’s difficult to stick to and form good habits.

Conclusion: according to the specific situation and characteristics of the foundry industry, we should carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction for the foundry industry, face the challenges and strengthen management. I believe that China’s foundry energy management will be able to embark on the road of sustainable development.

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