Opportunities for overseas market expansion of China casting plants

This paper mainly expounds the opportunities faced by foundry enterprises from the following aspects

(1) Domestic casting industry is on the increase

During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China’s foundry industry has made great progress with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry. The quality and output of castings have been greatly improved, the scale of foundry enterprises has been significantly increased, the industrial concentration has been high, and the material structure of castings has been optimized. The planning guidance of China’s transformation from a big foundry country to a powerful foundry country has promoted the improvement of the independent manufacturing capacity of enterprises, and the quality and additional of exported castings The value has been greatly improved, the quality and added value of the international market competitiveness have been greatly improved, and the international market competitiveness has been enhanced.

(2) Green casting is the inevitable trend of foundry industry in the future

The 13th five year plan takes green casting as the core, points out the development direction of foundry enterprises and defines the main tasks at this stage. With the industrial structural adjustment of national economy, upgrading the industrial level, strengthening energy conservation and environmental protection, and increasing the benefit output value will become the main development trend of manufacturing enterprises in the future. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry is inevitable, and the Green Foundry Enterprise of energy conservation and environmental protection will be the future development goal of small and medium-sized foundries in China.

(3) Foundry industry will realize new intelligent production mode

Made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing is the key to China’s development into a manufacturing power, and it speeds up the integration of industrialization and information technology in China. The intelligent manufacturing in developed countries has developed rapidly and industrial efficiency has been greatly improved. China is now pushing forward the implementation of the Internet plus manufacturing industry, namely, the Internet, big data, cloud computing and other information industries and modernization. Combine manufacturing industry to realize the transformation of intelligent manufacturing as soon as possible.

(4) The supply of foundry raw and auxiliary materials is in the trend of commercialization

With the rapid development of logistics industry, the supply of casting raw and auxiliary materials has been accelerated to become an independent industry. Because the price is cheap and the quality is up to the standard and the logistics is convenient, it has occupied a certain market share in the domestic and foreign markets. For the foundry enterprises, the price of commercialized raw and auxiliary materials is more transparent and regional restrictions are eliminated, which not only saves time and cost, but also improves the competitive advantage of the foundry in a disguised way.

(5) The proportion of domestic casting equipment increased, and the level of mould manufacturing increased significantly

With the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, and independent innovation, the original foundry equipment manufacturers and a number of emerging companies have produced many cost-effective casting equipment, which basically meet the needs of domestic high-end casting production enterprises. Casting mould manufacturing industry has also developed rapidly. Xiangshan, Wuxi and other places in China have become new mould manufacturing centers. Most of the molds for complex castings can be manufactured in China.

(6) Internet plus international trade, opening up new channels for foreign trade.

In 2015, NPC and CPPCC government work report, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the new concept of “Internet plus international trade”, and made clear a series of specific policies and measures to foster the new advantage of foreign trade competition by using e-commerce platform. This favorable policy is undoubtedly a new vitality for the traditional foreign trade industry that meets the bottleneck of development. The emergence of e-commerce platform provides a new sales channel for China’s foundry globalization. It combines network technology with traditional industries, drives the real economy, and allows different buyers and sellers to communicate directly and realize transactions without time and space constraints. It is the most convenient and effective way for China’s foundry enterprises to open the door of the international market.

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