Cast automobile engine exhaust manifold

In the future automobile production, it is inevitable to realize low emission and lightweight. Therefore, we should try our best to meet this demand when we manufacture exhaust manifold.

① It is necessary to select manufacturing materials with better heat resistance, compression resistance and oxidation resistance, such as high temperature resistant stainless steel and high nickel austenitic ductile iron, which can fully meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance.

② Actively develop new materials, reduce costs and increase the flexibility of material selection.

③ In the overall design, the internal integration of the exhaust pipe should be carried out as far as possible.

④ Do a good job in the overall weight reduction design.

⑤ If we want to make full use of new heat-resistant materials and do a good job in the overall weight reduction design of automobile, we must further upgrade and optimize the casting process. We can no longer use the traditional casting process. We should actively develop new processes with higher precision, lower cost and higher flexibility, and use more new materials. New energy vehicles have become the general trend of the automotive industry. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the engine and optimize the overall design of the vehicle, so as to obtain a more favorable position in the future market competition.

As an important part of the automobile engine, the working environment of the exhaust manifold has high temperature requirements. Generally, it works under the high temperature and corrosion conditions above 500 ℃. Therefore, in the manufacture of exhaust manifold, it is necessary to choose materials with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. With the global concept of energy saving and environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, more and more attention is paid to the performance of energy saving and emission reduction in automobile manufacturing. Therefore, the automobile industry also tries to reduce the weight of the body in order to achieve the performance of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, during engine manufacturing, in order to improve efficiency, the fuel emission temperature is raised to a maximum of more than 1000 degrees Celsius, which causes great pressure on the exhaust manifold.

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