Casting process of mining support parts

Casting is the current production process of mining support parts, which has the characteristics of short production cycle, high forming accuracy, less or no follow-up processing. According to the use conditions of different mines, the corresponding cast steel materials can meet the majority of working conditions under the premise of effectively controlling the casting defects and ensuring the casting quality. It is the mainstream process for the production of mining support parts and the preferred manufacturing method, which is irreplaceable. However, due to the following reasons, the mining support parts produced by casting still have certain limitations when they are used in mines with poor working conditions and high requirements for use.

a) Part upper surface b) Part lower surface

1) The casting is prone to produce various casting defects such as porosity, slag inclusion, component segregation and so on in the production process. In the actual use process, these defects will be the source of stress concentration and cracking, which will greatly shorten the life of mining support parts and reduce the maximum bearing capacity.

2) The limitations of cast steel materials, especially the development and use of high-strength cast steel, have their limitations.

3) The comprehensive mechanical properties, especially the toughness, of the castings are low due to various conditions such as casting defects, component segregation and large internal grains.

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