Casting process of pump cover of engineering plunger pump

The engineering plunger pump is the key component of the hydraulic system of construction machinery. During the operation of the plunger pump system, the pump cover repeatedly bears the pressure of alternating load, so the pump cover casting must be compact and zero leakage. The shape of the new plunger pump cover casting developed this time is different from the previous structure. There are many branches in the internal oil passages of this type of pump cover. The internal structure of the pump cover casting is similar to the hydraulic valve body. In addition, because the material is nodular cast iron, the internal center and local thick wall of the casting are prone to shrinkage. In addition, the sand core of the internal oil channel is thin and long, which is prone to sand core fracture, deformation, core surface shrinkage and porosity defects. In the casting process, ensure that the sand core assembly is as integrated as possible, so as to ensure the accuracy of the oil channel shape. During the design of the sand core of the casting process, consideration must be given to the cleaning and subsequent discharge of residual sand in the internal cavity.

Through the analysis of the casting process of the developed new plunger pump cover casting, the initial process plan design was carried out, the casting process was analyzed and determined in the virtual environment in advance, and the virtual simulation optimization of the casting plan was carried out to determine the process route for the development of the casting technology. The actual casting was qualified, and the batch production and development process was stable. Through the comprehensive casting process analysis and simulation optimization in the early stage under the virtual conditions, It avoids the repeated trial production of the process and improves the efficiency of new casting research and development.

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