Casting technology of extra large crusher frame

A company in Guangdong has developed the largest integral jaw crusher in China. As the key component of large jaw crusher, the frame is directly related to the service life of the whole machine. It is necessary to ensure that the casting process and structural design of the product are optimized at the same time. Therefore, the author determines the best scheme after fully evaluating the two design schemes.

PEV1400 × 1600 jaw crusher is the largest jaw crusher with integral frame in China. Its maximum feed size is 1200 mm and its maximum output is 850 m3 / h. The overall dimension of the frame is about 4 300 mm × 2 700 mm × 3 400 mm, material zg270-500, single blank mass about 56 t.

The overall size of the frame product is large and the structure is special. In order to ensure the good quality of the product and meet the use requirements to the greatest extent, according to the typical structure of the jaw crusher frame products at home and abroad, as well as the design and application experience of the existing models, two structural schemes, box type (scheme 1, as shown in Figure 1) and deep cavity type (scheme 2, as shown in Figure 2), are formulated. Comparing the product quality of the two structures, scheme 2 is 500 kg lighter.

The comparison of the two structures of the frame shows that:

(1) The casting solidification simulation analysis was carried out by ProCAST simulation software. In the front wall of the frame, the defects of the frame with deep cavity structure are obviously less, and the front wall is just the most stress concentration area in the frame work, and the internal defects have a great impact on the product life.

(2) The finite element static structural analysis shows that there is no obvious difference in the stress between the two structures. The modal analysis shows that the frequency range of each order of the two structures is appropriate, and it is not easy to produce resonance, which meets the design requirements.

(3) Compared with the casting process quality control, the deep cavity structure frame product is more conducive to the field operation and quality control.

Therefore, the front wall deep cavity structure is more suitable for the oversize crusher frame, which is also the optimal choice. With this design structure, 4 sets of pev1400 will be produced and delivered in 2020 × 1600 jaw crusher, the overall quality situation to achieve expectations, put into the market is widely praised by customers.

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