Causes and Solutions of Slag Inclusion Defects in Automobile Shell Castings

During casting production, the causes of oxidation slag inclusion defects are:

① The oxide slag on the liquid surface is not cleaned during molten iron smelting;

② The slag attached to the inner wall of the ladle is re melted into the casting due to the uncleanness of the ladle;

③ The poor quality of refractory materials for lining and ladle makes molten iron corrode and become slag;

④ The use of the return material adhering to the molding sand results in more slag in the molten iron;

⑤ Slag in molten steel is not completely removed;

⑥ The casting process is unreasonable.

In view of the above causes of oxidation slag inclusion, the preventive measures for slag inclusion defects are:

① Thoroughly remove the oxide slag on the surface of molten iron before discharging water;

② Completely remove the slag attached to the ladle wall to keep the ladle clean;

③ Use high temperature refractory materials;

④ Shot peening of returned materials;

⑤ A slag collecting bag or a ceramic filter is arranged in the pouring system;

⑥ The top pouring system is replaced by the bottom pouring system.

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