Change ideas and continuously improve casting quality

The instability of casting quality in China is the focus of casting users at home and abroad. To improve the quality of castings, we should first complete the transformation of concept. First, we should change from the concept of planned management to the new concept of total quality management; Second, we should change from the concept of simple drawing and standard compliance quality to the new concept of applicability quality to meet the requirements of users; The third is to change from the fuzzy concept of product quality responsibility to the new concept that quality responsibility depends on the legal system. The fourth is to change from the concept of inspection and control of product quality to the new concept of establishing quality system assurance, and control and guarantee from the processes and links of design, process, creation, testing, sales, raw materials and auxiliary materials. Through the change of concept, all personnel follow the rules and act according to the procedures, not only give play to people’s subjective initiative, but also prevent the recurrence of human factors and quality defects. Only in this way can we change the face of the foundry industry and shape a new image of the foundry industry.

There are many factors that affect the casting quality, and many subject fields are involved. Therefore, when enterprises carry out technical transformation, they can not generally aim at improving casting quality, but should implement the specific contents of improving quality. The specific contents of the objectives are different, and the schemes of technological transformation may be very different. The specific contents of improving the quality of castings are as follows: improving the dimensional accuracy of castings; Improve the material and mechanical properties of castings; Improve the internal density of castings; Refine the roughness of casting surface; Reduce the scrap rate in the production process.

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