Classification of casting coatings

(1) According to different carrier solutions, it can be divided into: water-based coatings and alcohol based organic solvent casting coatings;

(2) It can be divided into sand mold coating, metal mold coating, centrifugal casting coating, lost foam casting coating, V-process casting coating, pressure casting coating and investment casting coating according to different casting processes;

(3) It can be divided into clay sand mold coating, resin sand coating, sodium silicate sand coating and metal mold coating according to mold materials;

(4) According to casting alloy materials, it can be divided into coatings for cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous alloys;

(5) According to the machinery industry standard jb/t9226-2008, according to different refractory materials, the casting materials are divided into 9 categories, including graphite powder casting coating, talc powder casting coating, refined quartz powder casting coating, high alumina casting coating, zircon powder casting coating, brown corundum powder casting coating, forsterite powder casting coating, magnesia powder casting coating and other casting coatings.

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