Composite automobile connecting rod

The automobile connecting rod is made of fiber reinforced resin. After the fiber reinforced resin is adopted, its strength, stiffness and quality are equivalent to those of aluminum alloy automobile connecting rod. In this way, the mass of the automobile connecting rod is reduced, and the reciprocating inertia force and centrifugal inertia force are reduced, so as to reduce the vibration and make the engine run smoothly.

Adding carbon fiber into the resin matrix can obtain high strength and light weight, but the disadvantage is low compressive strength. Therefore, when designing the automobile connecting rod, its structure must have the anti buckling automobile connecting rod body bearing the compression load and the tensile ring bearing the centrifugal force. This kind of automobile connecting rod has been proved feasible by experiments. However, due to the high price of carbon fiber, it is only used in car racing at present, which limits its popularization and application.

At this stage, steel and sintered metal are widely used due to process and cost. However, from the perspective of development, the popularity of other materials will gradually increase with the progress of technology and the decline of cost, and eventually replace the current common materials.

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